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Shapewear Care

Here’s the secret to the perfect shapewear care:

How to WASH your shapewear

WASH your shapewear

  • You can wash your shapewear in a washing machine, but make sure it’s a gentle cycle, like the one you usually use for cashmere or silk. If you can, try to hand wash it every now and then - it’ll last longer!
  • There’s an awesome invention called “wash bags”. These are mesh bags used for laundry lingerie and delicate clothes and they are perfect for washing your shapewear too. Just make sure to not wash your shapewear along with bras with hooks and clasps.

how to wash

  • Please, NO DRYERS. After you’ve been around as much as we’ve been, you know dryers are the DEVIL – shapewear or any clothing. Make sure you air dry your shapewear to preserve the fabric’s elasticity as best as possible.

  • Most manufacturers suggest you hand-wash your shapewear but… yeah. We confess we’ve been too lazy to do this every. single. time. So just make sure you hand-wash it sometimes. Yes, it will last longer if you do, but ain’t nobody got time for that (plus, once you get ‘em cheap, you can just replace them!)

how to wash ahapewear

  • If you’re hand-washing, rinse cold. If you’re not, go for the lower temperature setting in your washer. Try to avoid centrifuging. This will restore the garment’s shape and elasticity.

  • So NOT twist it to remove excess water. Please!

  • Delicate detergents only. If you don’t have a specific detergent for delicate clothes, don’t freak out - you can use a regular baby shampoo as well. Just be sure to rinse entirely before letting it dry. Think about how you care for your existing underwear – this should be the staple for your shapewear too.

If you take all of these tips into consideration your shapewear’s going to last much, MUCH longer. So it’s not really just about taking care of your shapewear - it’s your pocket we’re also thinking about!